about astir

Astir Technologies (Astir) has developed a motorized lateral transfer device to meet the challenges of a ZERO LIFT environment. The PowerNurseTM effortlessly moves patients from stationary hospital beds, stretchers, OR tables, and imaging tables. The most significant benefit of this solution is that it reduces nurse musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) resulting from patient handling. Better yet, it can do so with aid the of a SINGLE NURSE.

Astir will demonstrate the PowerNurseTM unit at the 10th Annual Safe Patient Handling and Movement Conference hosted by the University of South Florida and others (see more at: www.cme.hsc.usf.edu/sphm/ ). The show will be held March 30-April 1, 2010 at Buena Vista Palace, Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Please come and see the PowerNurseTM at this important annual event.

Astir Technologies� mission statement is as follows: �The goal of Astir Technologies is to become the world leader of premium patient transfer technologies. We will strive to bring the latest technologies in patient transfer in a manner that decreases hospital costs, reduces injuries to health care professionals and minimizes discomfort to the patient.�